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Programs I used:

-This is an app that you can get for your phone that will track your movements on a map. People are able to create some really interesting complicated drawings and images just with their movements.
-This is a program by Adobe that many artists and creators use. It uses vectors, which means that instead of pixels graphics are made using paths. They tend to appear much smoother and can be enlarged IL
-Another Adobe program used by many artists and creators. Unlike Illustrator it uses raster and pixels to create its graphics. This means that all the images are made up by a bunch of pixels and you can only enlarge it so far before it become pixelated. With photoshop you are able to get more details and textures then you can with Illustrator.
-This is a 3D rendering program that allows you to create anything in a 3D space. Many people use this to create buildings, room, and furniture mock ups.
-This is the website/program that we used to create this very website you are on. It helps teach base coding while you create your own website. Anyone can make an account and a website allowing them to have their own little place on the internet.

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